Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

We offer a wide variety of pressure gauges from WIKA, MARSH, PIC Gauges, and more.  If you need it, we can usually find it!
Bourdon Tube Style Gauges
  • Ranges from full 0-30 Inches of Mercury (InHg) vacuum and pressures from 0 -10 PSI to 0-50,000 plus the compound ranges where vacuum and pressure are on the same scale
  • Wetted parts are usually copper alloy or stainless steel but Monel and carbon steel are also available. 
  • Dial sizes range from 1” to 10” although 1.5” to 6” are by far the most popular with the smaller sizes obviously being, in general, less accurate and less expensive. 
  • Full scale accuracy is from 0.1% (ASME Grade 4A) to 3%-2%-3% (ASME Grade B).  For a more detailed discussion, see our technical page.
  • Besides PSI, we offer kPa, Bar, mPa, kg/cm2, and a variety of dual scales mixing them all up.  We also offer custom scales which are detailed on our services page.
  • Some can have liquid filled cases to enhance durability and resistance to pulsation and vibration. Generally glycerin and silicone are popular for case fills.
  • Can be attached to diaphragm seals to keep aggressive media out of the gauge.
Diaphragm or Capsule Style

  • Used for lower pressure ranges from partial vacuum to pressures from 10” of Water (1/3 PSI) to 10 PSI and can be compound vacuum/pressure as well.
  • Wetted parts are usually a copper alloy or stainless steel.
  • Dial sizes start at 2.5” and go to 4.5”.
  • Full scale accuracy is generally from 1.5% to 2%-1%-2%.
  • mBar, mmH2O, in H2O, oz./ are all popular scales.
  • Liquid filled cases and diaphragm seals are generally not applicable to these low pressure ranges.
Differential Pressure
  • These gauges that display the difference between two pressures are usually piston or diaphragm operated.
  • Ranges and proof pressures vary considerably.
  • Wetted parts are usually stainless steel but steel and aluminum are often used as well, plus elastomer seals.
  • Dial sizes start at 2.5” and go to 4.5”.
  • Full scale accuracy is generally from 1.5% to 2%-1%-2%.
  • Liquid filled cases and diaphragm seals can be used in some cases.