Process Gauges

What is a process pressure gauge?

Process gauges are a step up in the bourdon tube pressure gauge family with improved accuracy and safety features.  They are generally larger and have a solid front/blowout back design for safety around chemical applications.  Process pressure gauges are 4.5” or 6.0” dial sizes,  have thermoplastic or aluminum cases, and are rated ASME Grade 2A or +/- 0.5% full scale accuracy .   The lens comes in acrylic, polycarbonate or safety glass and the case has built-in compensation for thermal expansion if the gauge is a liquid filled pressure gauge.  Process gauges can be filled with glycerin, silicone, Halocarbon or Fluorolube® fill fluid. The turret case has mounting standoffs on the rear to be attached to a wall without impeding the blowout back.   Other case options include a rear flange aluminum case and a panel mounted hinge ring case.   Process gauges are used in the chemical and refining industry and are often used in conjunction with diaphragm seals when the media is not compatible with their standard brass, 316 stainless steel, or Monel® wetted parts.  

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