Pressure Regulators

What is a pressure regulator?

As the name suggests, these components allow us to reduce the downstream air pressure from a compressor to levels more suited to air tools or vehicle tires.  A pressure regulator consists of a body with inlet and outlet ports, a regulating knob or ‘T’ handle, and a spring-opposed diaphragm or piston that allows for setting a reduced pressure that is essentially independent of the inlet pressure.  More info on the operation is available here.  Regulators vary in size from 1/8” to 2.5” NPT as well and are usually positioned after a particulate filter so that debris does not impede the regulator operation.  Pipe size, maximum inlet pressure, reduced pressure range, flow and pressure droop are the main design criteria for selecting a regulator.

Shop for pressure regulators

Shop for industrial pressure regulator units below.  We carry mostly PARKER-WATTS regulators and our search functionality will make it easy to find your product.  But, if you need more help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with FRLs and pneumatic tools and are ready to find a product or service that meets your needs.