Ball Valves

What is a ball valve?

Ball valves are generally used for on/off service rather than throttling or metering applications as they operate full open to full close with ¼ of a turn.  They can be fitted with a lever or ‘T’ handle which may be latched or even pad-lockable in some instances.  Bodies of brass or CF8M stainless are most common but carbon steel is available.  NPT threaded valves are available for 1/8” NPT to 4” NPT in some models.  Flanged versions as well as pneumatic or electric actuators for automation are also available.

Shop for ball valves

Shop for ball valves below.  We carry mostly RuB and JOMAR ball valves, but also have a few other brands of ball valves available.  If you need more help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with valves and are ready to find a product or service that meets your needs.