Differential Pressure Gauges

What is a differential pressure gauge?

While most pressure gauges indicate the difference between measured pressure and ambient atmospheric pressure, differential gauges measure the difference between two measured pressures.  They have two pressure inputs and display the difference between the two.  Besides the differential range, a differential pressure gauge must consider the “static” pressure or gauge pressure limits.  For example, a 1 PSI differential between 9 and 10 PSI may require a different technology than a 1 PSI differential between 4999 and 5000 PSI.  

Differential gauges can be accurate to Grade B, Grade A or better.  They can be dual bourdon tube gauges, diaphragm gauges, or piston operated gauges.  Wetted parts can be aluminum, 316SS, Monel® or copper alloy plus some elastomers, like Buna-N, and Teflon®.  

Shop for differential gauges

Shop for differential pressure gauges below.  We carry mostly WIKA differential pressure gauges, but also have a number of Dwyer magnehelic differential pressure gauges in stock.  If you need help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with pressure gauges and can help you find what you need.