Specialty Gauges

What is a specialty gauge?

Specialty gauges include refrigeration gauges that include refrigerant temperature scales which are sometimes used on re-charging manifold for Freon; Ammonia refrigerant gauges; modern digital pressure gauges; UL, CSA and FM listed sprinkler gauges for both wet and dry sprinkler systems; Paper Machine gauges and other industry or oil field specific application instruments. 

Shop for specialty gauges

H J Kirby carries a wide variety of specialty gauges, including refrigeration gauges, digital pressure gauges, HVAC pressure gauges, food processing gauges, manifold gauges, and more .  Shop below for WIkA pressure gauges, MARSH pressure gauges, PIC pressure gauges, and more.  If you need help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with pressure gauges and can help you find what you need.