Low Pressure Gauges

What is a low pressure gauge?

When it comes to pressures ranges below 15 psi, bourdon tubes are not effective sensing elements.  Instead we use diaphragm or capsule operated gauges.  A capsule sensing element consists of two corrugated metal discs of brass or stainless steel fused together.  A change in pressure will cause the discs to expand or contract, and this motion is transferred to the indicator.  Typical applications include natural gas pressures for burners and duct pressure in HVAC systems where the scale units are often inches of water column (InWC) or ounces per square inch (osi).

Low pressure gauges are dry pressure gauges and are available from 2.5” to 4.5”, although 2.5” and 4” are the most common.  These diaphragm gauges mainly have copper alloy wetted parts, although 316L SS is available.  Diaphragm pressure gauges are delicate instruments and often incorporate the ability to make zero corrections in the field, either by adjustable pointer or a screw head on the dial and are usually 1.5% Full Scale or Grade A (±2-1-2%) accuracy .  

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H J Kirby carries a wide variety of low pressure gauges and diaphragm pressure gauges.  Shop below for WIkA pressure gauges, MARSH pressure gauges, PIC pressure gauges, and more.  If you need help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with pressure gauges and can help you find what you need.