Combo FRL Units

What is a Combo FRL or Air Preparation Unit?

The “Air Preparation Units” designated above are often combined to create two- or three-piece units, either with pipe nipples in the case of the traditional designs, or by directly fastening to each other using screws and O-ring seals between components in the more modern “modular” design.  A filter+regulator+lubricator combo is an FRL while a valve+integralFR+lubricator would be a VBL. (B is the Watts prefix for an integral filter-regulator.)

Shop for Combo FRLs

Shop for combo FRL units below.  We carry mostly PARKER-WATTS FRLs and our search functionality will make it easy to find your product.  But, if you need more help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with FRLs and pneumatic tools and are ready to find a product or service that meets your needs.