Tube Fittings

What is a tube fitting?

Tube fittings are components that connect tubing sections to other tubing sections in a variety of configurations.  Tubing, unlike piping, is measured at the outside diameter so tube fittings are designed to slip over the tube and employ a variety of sealing techniques.  There are push-to-connect for very low pressure and single and dual ferrule compression fittings for higher pressures.  In the U.S. fractional inch sizes are most common but metric sizes are also available.  Generally tube fittings can be brass, steel, and 304 or 316 stainless steel.  

Shop for tube fittings

H J Kirby carries a wide variety of tube fittings, including items not found on our website.  Shop below for TYLOK tube fittings.  If you need help, HJ Kirby Corp has over 40 years of experience with fittings, valves, pressure gauges, FRLs and more - and can help you find what you need.